Today I Thankful for...

My Pressure Cooker. And My Bosch.

I started taking these cooking classes with my mom oh probably almost 2 years ago at Shars Bosch Center (which are free and amazing because she lets you taste EVERYTHING) and the long and the short of it is I discovered a whole other side of myself!

I always knew I loved Cooking... but I got to know the hardware and the simplicity (well with the right tools)

TWO of the BEST PURCHASES I have made in my life...

WHY? You may ask...

Let me tell you...
I use my Pressure Cooker on a DAILY basis. What other appliance can you say you use Daily?

I know what you thinking right? Scary!! But its not they will Never Explode on you Guarunteed!

With my pressure cooker... I can..
  • Cook any FROZEN Raw Meat in around 5 min or less (which is awesome for meals on the fly, that means no worrying about having to thaw your meat ahead of time and then accidentally forgetting about it!)
  • Cook any uncooked Rice in 3 min
  • I can make Cheesecake in 15
  • I can Deep Fry in it
  • Nothing sticks to the bottom EVER
  • Oh did I mention, It is Guaranteed NEVER to explode!
  • Its Dish washable
  • Its Pretty Stainless Steel
  • I can Can Fruit in my taller one
  • Marinating Mead in no longer necessary because
  • oh and so so many more things....
With My Bosch...

what can't I do.!?!?!
lets be honest from grating Cheese to Making dough in 5 ready to stick in the oven...
There is a blender, food proccesor, grater, dicer , french fry maker.. and the list goes on.

and my most favorite part EVER!....

**after I cook the chicken in 3 min in my pressure Cooker... I throw it straight into my Bosch.. and it shreds in 2 seconds. Perfect for chicken rolls, salads, Enchiladas, ect.

If you are in the market for cookware...

I strongly Recommend these products!!

P.s. did you know the only reason they dont use the Bosch on Food Network is because it is SPONSERED by Kitchen Aid. Otherwise... it would be history... and would be making way for a Bosch.


  1. I LOVE my pressure cooker! Can't live without it!!! I don't have any thing else they make as I have always had bad luck with blenders graters and the like!

    Good to know that they would be well worth the money! Now to let my hubby know!!!!

  2. I would LOVE these! Will you please tell me the exact pressure cooker model/brand that you own? I want one for Christmas. Thank you.


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