I wish...

This is my next Wish project...

Its called the
I came across this awesome piece while hoppin round the internet... and I got so excited!

Reading is so So so great for kids! And whats better a place designated for them to go and be in their own imaginative world to do it!

Designed in Japan, This Fancy bookcase is what I want for our loft! Throw some cozy beanbags or just some pillows and it becomes a childs escape from the real world into the world of literature, imagination, magic and adventure!

Here is a step by step set on how to do it...
The shelves are just wood and the roof is Felt

How fun and creative! Now I just gotta get my sweet husband to help me take it on... What will it take... some love and encouragment and probably a new sleeve of golf balls and I may just have him convinced! Anyone else willing to take on this project! How fun and unique for your little ones!

Hey even for yourself... :)

All kids love to build forts and this is the way to do it!

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  1. Hey pepperblossom,
    I would like to advertise on your website. Please email me some info. I tried your info@pepperblossomdecor.com address and it didn't work. Just letting you know. Maybe it was my error though :)


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