1 Yard Apron

This is the Apron in 1 Yard Tutorial

So easy to make and super cute and functional.
You can always use another apron...
even when were cooking and cleanin away we like to feel cute!

So here we go:

2 Materials Needed- Yes Only two

*1 yard of fabric. (if you want a different fabric for pockets... get that too:] )

Step 1 - Hold one corner to chin and decide how long you want it to be and cut off lower corner. I cut of about 1 ft. But do it at the length you want or shorter to make a mommy daughter Set.

Step 2 -Sew around the entire piece 1/4inch seam folding under twice.

Step 3 -Fold in three corners leaving loop to stream ribbon through and Sew.

Step 4- Bring Ribbon Through Hoops. Tack neck ribbon in center, and tie the side ribbons in knots . (use a safety pin... this is just what was right near me! sorry :)


Step 5- Cut your prefered size and shape of pockets. (For 2 fabric pockets like mine cut them extra tall then sew piece to opposite fabric.)

Step 6- Sew 1/4 seam around pockets

Step 7-by this time you should have the basic apron so try it on and figure our where you want your pockets to be placed. then pin them on and attach!

And your done!! Hooray!
Now go pick out your fabric...
that's the best part!

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