While supplies last!!

I have been trying new things...
I have some Limited Accessories

that will only be available while supplies last
and let me tell you..

that's not going to be for very long!!

I only have limited amounts of these fabrics and materials so here you go!
If you want it then hurry and grab it!

So here are the new products...
most are 1 of a kind and cannot be replicated.

First come First Serve..


If you like something..
and that doesnt work
it email me at pepperblossomdecor@gmail.com with the Product #
and ill send you a paypal bill or post an Etsy listing Epecially for you!

Goin industrial

Ah Christmas is almost here and were all so excited!!

So todays idea is RED! In honor of the Season!

Well...Im always looking for new functional Storage
and had one of these metal guys laying around that I picked up at a garage sale!
... it looked so bleh...
so I Spray painted it
and it became my new little nightstand for the Guest Room in our Home!

Industrial yet it still goes with the vintage feel of the room! And I got it at a yard sale!
Don't be afraid to mix and mach your styles,

And trust your own judgment...

if you think it looks good...
it probably does!
Your the one who has to look at it more than half the time anyway!
Do what you want!


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What we have been up to!

Here are a few of the things we have been working on!
What do you think?
Personally, I love the newly found inspiration!

Brooches for

wrists headbands or shirts and sweaters!

Where would you wear yours!?

You can order these by >
emailing us on
@ pepperblossomdecor@gmailcom.
prices vary!
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