Desk Makeover!

So This We inherited this Desk...

and it needed a MAJOR FACELIFT

so we gave it one and we ended up loving it so well that we decided to make it our loving checkout station! For those of you in need of some furniture makeovers for any old pieces you have... Here is about the fastest way to spice up an oldie...

What you need for this project- 
*project piece
*Sand Paper
*Primer (optional)
*Matte Spray Finish or Matte paint on Varnish

To spice up the drawers if you would like you will also need- 
*Matte Modge Podge or Deco-podge
*Fabric or paper of choice
*Sponge Paint Brushes
*Some fun new Knobs or handles

Step #1 - Sand all surfaces you will be painting. I don't own a pro sander... so it is all by hand. This little tool from Home Depot saved me. Interchangeable papers that are cheap and throw away, I would recommend them to anyone. Go see what they have for you.. lots to pick from! Don' t sand it to death... just get the old finish of and little scuffs and scratches... but don't freak over all flaws... it gives the piece personality and shabbiness!

Step #2 - Once you have chosen your color you Need to determine whether or not you need a primer. When buying the color of paint just ask a rep if it will be strongly altered by the under color of your furniture... or just try a dab yourself and decide. For our we used black so it was a no brainer!

Step #3 - First Coat - We chose a Basic Black MATTE paint. Deciding the type of look you want is important... we didn't want gloss so we got matte! Make sure you cover everywhere you want to be covered, don't worry... you will more than likely be able to see streaks... these will be covered by ...

Step #4 - Second Coat - Apply evenly (and be sure you don't leave any drips)

Step#5 - That Shabby Look - Sand where Desired! Hit the corners hardest always! I like to sand kinda randomly so it is over the top but here and there... anywhere there is a lip of any sort... just rub down a little with some sand paper! It looks great letting the under color come through a little and makes an old piece of Furniture look almost new again!!

 Step # 6  - Finish - Then apply your finish! Remember... watch for matte or gloss... We chose Matte once again! 

(Optional Step # 7, 8 ...and that is all unless you are wanting to jazz up the drawers a little... then you can Modge podge some fabric or paper on! Here is a great tutorial on Modge Podging or Decopodge!) This Woman is Amazing!!! 
So cute! I will be doing this... but for now until we choose the PERFECT pattern... brown drawers are great with us!

 So have fun with your piece! This is about as easy as you can get! (Easiest is Spray paint.. but it almost impossible to apply that evenly and toxic)

So now you Know! And if you ever get sick of the color you chose! You know how to change it!
Do enjoy!

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  1. You did a great job. JCaroline's endtables aren't as hard as they look! Come visit me if you need some tips!


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