Gotta Grab One of These....

We're guessing if you are a crafter you probably own a cricut or at least have seen one, right? We LoVe the cricut expression! It makes creating crafts and gifts a breeze!
Do you have a favorite "how to" cricut blog or website?... Please share with us! Leave a comment and let us know where you get your cricut info :)
We all know there is always something new to learn from this machine!

Awesome Give-away!!!

You're going to LOVE this!!!!!


I'm speechless. I can't even believe that there is something this large being given away. 
For free.
You're all going to love this. Oh, how I wish I could enter.

(I need to let every last friend and family member know about this.......and somehow brainwash them into thinking that they should give it to me if they win. Hahaha... :))

Good grief.....I could put this to some good use.

Do you see what this is? It's a Workbox from The Original Scrapbox. Do you have crafting clutter everywhere? (I admit.....I do. And it makes me crazy.) This amazing workbox organizes your supplies, hides it all for you, and then rolls away on wheels if you need it to. This workbox is valued at $1295.00 but you have a chance to win one for free. Wow. I'm speechless. (And you get to pick your own color and style. Eeeee!) Just go to  Make it and Love It to find out how to enter to win!!! Who would pass this up! Plus there are give-a-aways for even more!!

Go Now!

Desk Makeover!

So This We inherited this Desk...

and it needed a MAJOR FACELIFT

so we gave it one and we ended up loving it so well that we decided to make it our loving checkout station! For those of you in need of some furniture makeovers for any old pieces you have... Here is about the fastest way to spice up an oldie...

What you need for this project- 
*project piece
*Sand Paper
*Primer (optional)
*Matte Spray Finish or Matte paint on Varnish

To spice up the drawers if you would like you will also need- 
*Matte Modge Podge or Deco-podge
*Fabric or paper of choice
*Sponge Paint Brushes
*Some fun new Knobs or handles

Step #1 - Sand all surfaces you will be painting. I don't own a pro sander... so it is all by hand. This little tool from Home Depot saved me. Interchangeable papers that are cheap and throw away, I would recommend them to anyone. Go see what they have for you.. lots to pick from! Don' t sand it to death... just get the old finish of and little scuffs and scratches... but don't freak over all flaws... it gives the piece personality and shabbiness!

Step #2 - Once you have chosen your color you Need to determine whether or not you need a primer. When buying the color of paint just ask a rep if it will be strongly altered by the under color of your furniture... or just try a dab yourself and decide. For our we used black so it was a no brainer!

Step #3 - First Coat - We chose a Basic Black MATTE paint. Deciding the type of look you want is important... we didn't want gloss so we got matte! Make sure you cover everywhere you want to be covered, don't worry... you will more than likely be able to see streaks... these will be covered by ...

Step #4 - Second Coat - Apply evenly (and be sure you don't leave any drips)

Step#5 - That Shabby Look - Sand where Desired! Hit the corners hardest always! I like to sand kinda randomly so it is over the top but here and there... anywhere there is a lip of any sort... just rub down a little with some sand paper! It looks great letting the under color come through a little and makes an old piece of Furniture look almost new again!!

 Step # 6  - Finish - Then apply your finish! Remember... watch for matte or gloss... We chose Matte once again! 

(Optional Step # 7, 8 ...and that is all unless you are wanting to jazz up the drawers a little... then you can Modge podge some fabric or paper on! Here is a great tutorial on Modge Podging or Decopodge!) This Woman is Amazing!!! 
So cute! I will be doing this... but for now until we choose the PERFECT pattern... brown drawers are great with us!

 So have fun with your piece! This is about as easy as you can get! (Easiest is Spray paint.. but it almost impossible to apply that evenly and toxic)

So now you Know! And if you ever get sick of the color you chose! You know how to change it!
Do enjoy!

How Fun! But it doesn't stop there!

It was so fun meeting so many new fun people and working with such fabulous vendors! Thats not the end of it... Repeat on saturday with a few new vendors and some of the great ones from last week!! Don't miss it! We understand this weekend there may be some conflicts for some :) but come on over between of afterward! 8 to 3!  Or if you cant make it... come to the next one!

Here are just a few shots taken by yours truely... Not so pro but please enjoy! Who likes a post without pictures?...BORING! 

Tomorrow it all begins!

Tomorrow is the first boutique of the chain!
So grab friends and family and come check it out! Great prices, awesome products and creative guest vendors!
Dont forget- @ our home location tomorrow from 8:30 to 2:00 pm!
Cant wait to see everyone!
Spoiled pink boutique
Mind over Batter
Tye-dye Galore
Baby Bling
D-finnitive Creations
and more!

**Remember... everything is out... so unless you come and make a custom order... Its first come first Serve!**
Then starting next Saturday...

October Bootiques! Keep a wary ear out!

Some more fabulous Items..

If you came to our last open house you will remember the fabulous and darling jeans that we wanted to just keep all for ourselves! They were a HIT! So She is bringing them again! So you have another chance to get your hands on some designer jeans! True Religions, Citizens, Sevens, Rockin Republics and a little more....

and that's just the start! She also has from Ed hardy to other Name Brand shirts you can find at Nordstroms for a great discount!! So Don't miss out! Prices of Jeans to vary so come see what we got to offer this Saturday!!

Feelin Crazy? Feelin Totally Unique?

Ty-Dye by Taylor Brown
Woman's Deep "V" t-shirts (WAY COMFY!!)
Have a baby shower coming up? - Great Gift Idea
Dress your cute little one in a totally unique, totally fun
ty-dye onesie! You can find this vendor at our open house boutique!

Another Cute Vendor for Saturday!

Clips by Mysti Brown
Great assortment of hair clips and flower head bands

These high quality girlie girl clips are oh so cute and way fun!

Dress up any outfit with a bling blingin hair clip!

Great for shower gifts, birthdays, and just for fun!

2nd Taste...

Your second taste of our upcoming event and a Yummy one at that!

Our Next two vendors are all about the sweets! 
Delectable Edibles
Mind over Batter

So whimsical! You can find cupcakes, fresh loaves of bread, banana bread, Cinnamon rolls,  cookies, Cake Pops (which are so delicious!) and a little more of this and that!

So take this opportunity to treat yourself...

I could die and go to heaven being surrounded by all this yumminess....

Oh P.S. I have had people asking and YES, I will be making my homemade Salsa. There will be plenty to be had! But come Early... Once its gone its gone!

Let the Sneak Peaks Begin!!

Spoiled Pink Boutique!

She makes the cutest  Memo/ chalk/ anything you can think of boards! They are super unique and super chic!

In addition to those, she also makes adorable baby accessories such as Tu-tu's, Wipey Cases, Diaper-lopes, Hair Accessories and some other cutie things!!

Were so excited to have her! It will make for quite the selection of Baby Things combined with all our stuff!

So come stock up on your baby shower gifts! 

Check back tomorrow for our next sneak peek!


Decorating for a birthday party, baby shower, girlie gathering? Check out TomKat Studio for great ideas and ordering!

Fun With Buttons!

So theres a problem. When buying buttons to replace one gone missing or just from life...

random buttons seemed to gather around! We have got just the project to use up those buttons!

So fun for scrapbooker's and great for kids too! What kid isn't always looking for something new and fun to do! So here it is!

Repurposing Fun shaped Buttons and making Stamps!! 
So fun! 

Button Stamp How-To
1. Select buttons with raised surfaces and distinct patterns -- fluted edges, stars, flowers, cat's eyes, and pinwheels. With white craft glue, mount buttons on wine or craft corks; if possible, use a cork narrower than the button so you can see to position the stamp accurately. Buy already inked stamp pads in several colors from your stationer. Uncoated papers are most receptive to the ink. Since buttons are rigid, you'll get the best image by laying paper over a piece of felt or a stack of folded paper towels before stamping. Press button into pad, then stamp, rocking it gently; this ensures a complete edge.

2. Wipe the stamp clean on a damp sponge between impressions. Try layering some of the simpler images for enhanced effect

What a fun and quick project that can serve as tons of fun for later!! Enjoy!

Fun new product available!

These vintage styled peices are shabby in all the right places and whats great about it is if you ever get sick of the middle pattern it is a 12X12piece of scrapbook paper so it is inter-changable!!  We all know styles come and go so why not invest in a product that you can keep updating to your favorite style! Damask today, Birdcages tomorrow... what are you waiting for! Yes... you can choose any pattern you want in the middle or any color on the frame! if you aren't a fan of the one I picked or want to change it for holidays!!  So fun right! As easy as changing the picture in a frame!! 
Visit our Etsy account to see about ordering yours today or visit our open house and see more options!! The options are endless.

New Great Blog find!

Have an Event coming up anytime soon? Like a birthday party or a wedding or just interested in buying a pre-made scrapbook? Not everyone is so into the all digital books. And with kids we all know how hard it is to find time to scrapbook! Some still like the homemade with love feeling! If your one I would check out...

She makes customized and pre-made scrapbooks for weddings or any event and I luh uh uhve them! So cute and so many different styles! She also
 has an Etsy shop so you can browse around and see if one is perfect for you!! 

Give-a-way and a big Thanks Gals!!

Market Boutique

Thanks to all those who came out to the Market! We had a lot of fun and loved seeing you! We also met some awesome new vendors who we will be hopefully participating in our open houses! 
And to any new people we met... We hope to see you again!

You are all fabulous!!

For our next give away, You can only enter at the open houses (sorry out of towners, we will have a give-a-way for you soon).

Enter to win 2 tickets to see the midnight showing of New Moon from the "Twilight" Saga! By the way... I does the word "saga" bother anyone else? Why not "series" I dont know but anyway,  All you have to do is visit our open house and enter your name!  Were so excited! Yes, well atleast one of us is a twilight Obsessee. Anyway come and enter to win, no purchase neccesary! 

Check back for info on our vendors for the 26th! We will be doing some great features on them so you can get to know what your looking forward too! Ciao Amigas!

Come see us tomorrow!

Market Boutique

Location: Red Mtn. Rec Center 7550 E. Adobe Rd., Mesa 85207
Time: 9am - 3pm

What: Over 50 top notch vendors getting together to showcase their talents! You will find Cookie Lee Jewelry, Gold Canyon Candles, pepperblossom deocr, Heritage Makers, The Pampered Chef, Discovery Toys, Avon, Lia Sophia Jewelry, Scentsy Wickless Candles, First Impressions hand Casting, It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, and many more...
What can you expect to see from pepperblossom?...
Well unfortunatlly we cant just pick up the whole boutique and take it... so we picked out a few things!
Baby attire
Mag Boards
Chalk and Memo Boards
Vinyl Phrase Boards
Select Hair Accessories
Hair Clip Holder Boards
and just a little more of this and that!
Dont miss out! Hasta Luego!

Mismatched Plate Rack

We came across a fun new page while browsing along! Isn't this such a cute idea! 
At Beach Vintage Simone Georgette gives all kinds of ideas about decorating, crafting and everyday life things! Here she gives us a sneak peek at a little piece of her kitchen! How do you get this look? Grab a plate rack, paint it how you want and beat it up and sand it a little to give it that worn out shabby feel, then find a stud to hang it for you! Then keep a watchful eye! Anytime you see a random plate that you love... grab it! We all know how great thrift stores and ross are for random plates! 
" If there's one thing I love it's mismatching." She says! And we agree! So cute! She will be posting more pictures from her adorable house over the next week or two so check back at her page for more fun and inspiring ideas! Let us know how it works for you! 

Tie-Dye Is Making A ComeBack!

It's awesome and it's makin a come back!
Tie-Dye is an awesome project or craft for people of all ages!

Here are a few pictures to show the process

pepperblossom decor now carries an assortment of tie-dye clothing, from cute little onesies to comfy adult deep V neck t-shirts.

Buffalo Exchange for Kiddies...

So the other day we were runnin some errands to pick up some supplies for the next event and we came across a cute store that looked like a baby boutique, Immediately we were sucked in(because we are defiantly suckers for tiny things!) By wandering we discovered out that this place was a 2nd hand store! Couldn't  believe it! 
This place is so cute with such a variety of Boy Girl, Infant - Toddler, and maternity! Oh but that's not all... they have waggons rockers you name it!

Looking to buy or sell some of your lightly used baby clothes? Butterflies and Bullfrogs is where you need to go! I know ill be taking a box or two over for some exchanging.  

And the Winner is...

Congats to

You are the winner of this months give-away! Thank you for signing up to follow us! Here is your prize! A fun magnetic Recipe Holder! So cute and very fun! Enjoy! Dont forget to send us a picture of how you use it!
Magnetic Receipe Holder

You have ten days from today to contact us or we will draw another name! Please email us at to make pick-up arrangements! 

 Thanks all who participated! Make sure to keep checking back for our next give-a-way!

Bonzie Fashion

Hi all! Yes we had a little break from posting and hope everyones holiday weekend has been fabulous! 

To start out this week we came across this great designer! From wedding to casual her unique Boho styled Bolero'sand accessories are just the zin and zang for any outfit! Her designer name  Bonzie.  BONZIE is an Independent Irish Fashion Label with romantic vintage Appeal. Often using upcycled clothing, thrifted trinkets and vintage
 inspired fabric in an
 artful blend of tattered chic neovictorian, steampunk and deconstructed

Vintage inspired and vintage materials used. She basically rocks! Check her out!
  Love Everything!
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