Need Holiday Inspiration? Ribbon Ornaments

Looking for some fun home holiday crafts! Here is an adorable family fun idea! 
Make your own Christmas Ornaments!

Ribbon or Lace Christmas Ornaments
(We love the vintage feel of Lace Ornaments. They will be available at some of our holiday boutiques!!
So watch for them!)

I found a great tutorial on 

Here you go!

Ribbon Ornaments



I got some Styrofoam balls (3 different sizes), and some straight pins at my favorite craft store.. Michaels.
Next, I looked thru some ribbon & picked out a few coordinating prints.
Then, I got started!

The ribbon ornaments were so easy to make! Here are some quick directions:

Cut the ribbon to overlap about 2 inches on the ball.
Once the ribbon is overlapped, put a straight pin through the Styrofoam ball. Keep doing this around the whole ball, one row at a time.
Before you pin down the last piece of ribbon, make a loop with a coordinating ribbon for it to hang and pin it down.
 After you make the loop, pin in the last piece of ribbon.
If you want to hang a ribbon going the opposite direction, do it very last.

Hang on your tree, or wherever else!

Have fun.

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