An Awesome Girl and Her Camera

Check out Kate's website (link above) and see what she has to offer! She has an edgy eye for photography and does quality work! She has really good prices and an awesome gallary of photos to look at!

Latest Obsession's

#1.   So lately I have been Fabric shopping... A LOT! I don't know why but it seems to be my favorite thing to do of late... 

The feel of new fabric between my hands, the sound my scissors cutting or of the sewing needle crisp through the fabric! Ugh... love it! Call me crazy... and the thrill of having just created something new and fun that somebody somewhere gets to enjoy! Its the best! 

And my weakness is two words:

Okay so its a name not two words.. BUT Her fabric is to die for! So cute I could Cover a house in it..
okay maybe that would be a little Bright... but really. For some reason there is just a happy vibe off all of her amazing designs. 

Her fabric is like slowly waking up on a Sunday morning after sleeping in just enough, hugging your pillow and stretching out underneath sheets of 1000 thread
 count Egyptian Cotton with a cool breeze coming through the window with the rays of sun, birds chirping and you wish that the moment could last fore
ver and it can because you have nothing to do that day but just relax and have a day
 of bliss... Everything

yeah that's what its like. So maybe its crazy... but she is amazing. An

#2 Chocolate

The World most passion oriented 
delectable dessert! Lets be honest, when has this not been any
 one's obsession at least 20 times in their life! As you all know, at our boutiques we are always giving away Dove Chocolate (the best). 
Well we have had so many great people coming that before this last boutique I STOCKED up major. And silly me I just happened to keep a bag to myself... oops! Well lets just say Yummm...! 
Hey but No worries! There will be more by our next open house! Plenty for everyone... but oh my... weakness. Who can resist. 

Go treat yourself to some Chocolate... you won't regret it...

#3 My new Vinyl Cartridge 

I finally found someone who carried the home decor cartridge I wanted and it had some of the cutest  images on it and other nick knacks which is wonderful for you because I have already made some fun new vinyl phrase boards with more uniqueness to them!

I'm sure I will be one some new spree's next week but for now... I just cant get enough! 

P.S. Been brainstorming for some fun new ideas... check back to see what's the storm brought in! Ciao!

A Californian Inspiration

Mary Smilove's Sweetpeas & Snapshots

Check out Mary's blog and see what an inspirational bo-ho princess she is! Thank you Mary for all your great posts and crafty ideas!

Mary has been featured in various magazines and is well known for her style and design. (pictured right)
Sweetpeas and Snapshots started out on Pico Blvd in West LA. Mary always kept the store so cute with green and cream stripes on the outside and vintage decor mixed with scrapbooking magic inside!
Sweetpeas New location 4200 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90291 11am-5pm

Living Room Bliss

The Bella Life!
This page is too cute for ideas on how to decorate your home! They did a feature on living rooms that is to die for! Check it out! She gives decorating tips and advice on colors and different furniture combinations all online for FREE-thiry. Yes anything thats free... we will take advantage of!
With a modern style Need any decorationg advice or looking to hire some help? They are the
way to go! Want more information visit HERE!

(p.s. Obviously I am obsessed with Damask Print! Bare with me ... there is more than that on her page!)

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Shout Out

Taking a road trip up north for the weekend?... You have to stop by The Pepperberry Cottage in Show Low, AZ!
pepperblossom gives this cute cottage boutique a huge LoVe It!

The Pepperberry Cottage is a cute Yellow & Green house filled with everything from candles, stain remover bars, home decor, and cabin decor! The owner, Sue is so friendly and offers a great variety of oh so cute stuff!

If you have a favorite boutique you'd like us to check out and give a shout out to, post a comment and fill us in!

Need Open Frame Inspiration?

While browsing through some of my favorite sights I found these pictures! These are some fun ideas for how to use open frames! Love love love them! There are so many different things you can incorporate while decorating and different styles that these Open frames work for! Try one out in your house! For more ideas on decorating try browsing through Designer Boulevard's Page. Exquisite!

Congrats to Miss Graham County!

We would just like to say a big congratulations to Miss Lynsee Germaine whom on Saturday was crowned the new Miss Graham County. From Mesa AZ this girl knows what its all about! We  are so excited for you! Keep us updated on your events! Good luck on Miss Arizona!

To see more pictures from the pageant go here

One day of Fun!

Here are just a few pictures of the fun day we had yesterday! Thank you so much to all those who came out! We were so happy to see you! And a big thanks to all of our vendors who participated! You are all wonderful!

Hey Don't forget!- If you send us a picture of you using an item you purchased from our boutique you recieve %10 off an item at our next open house boutique! 
Yes.. these necklaces are new! Aren't they so Chic! 
Love This!

If you missed out no worries! Our next event is out at the Red Mountain Rec. Center with several other select vendors or If thats not your forte... The next open house will be at on September 26th at the same place as the last one... 10426 E Olla Ave Mesa 85212.
Til next time! Thank you!

Our Upcoming Event!

Today (Aug 22) is our Boutique!

Stop on by from 6-noon today! Address above - just off Crismon & Guadalupe

Preview of some new items for Saturday!

We thought we would give you a little teaser for things to come! Saturday there are going to be some new items available! Such as...

These fabulous new hair accessories! Were obsessed with these yo-yo's! Put them on anything! Necklaces, headbands, clips, cloths, phrase boards... you name it! Aren't they fun!

Powder Room Anyone? Looking for a fun way to spice up that hall a little? Here is a fun way to decorate and let people know where the loo is! So cute! We love it!

And last but not least at all.... The cutest onesies in the world! Each pepperblossom onesie has a unique peace of swarovski bling! We have seen people selling similar items for around $25! Are they nuts! Why would anyone spend that much on them although they are cute... but 25?! You can find them at pepperblossom for $13! So many different styles to choose from! Check em out at our Open houses, or a few are listed on our etsy account! Can you just imagine a cute little girl crawling around in these! How fun! Well check back for more fun surprises coming soon!

See you all on Saturday! Its going to be so much fun!

August Special

august discount

send us a picture of how you used a product you bought from our boutique and get a 10% off 1 item coupon.

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we are in the process of getting our Etsy store up and running. check back often for updates and new products!
most products listed on our etsy store are also available at our boutiques!
contact us for more questions.

Who Loves Cake...

We DO!
Do you have a special day coming up?
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then check out this blog!

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pepperblossom decor

Some newbies that we love!

Bottle cap necklaces... so cute!

Some fun ways to display, you can put cards over the shutter or tuck pictures in between, Or better yet just hang it on the wall! Any of these are so cute on the wall...shutter, magnet board, or cute red shelf... you cant go wrong!

It is crazy but Christmas will be coming before you know it! So we are starting to pull out some holiday items! When you live in central Arizona... Its seems all we can do is "Think Snow", aside from the usual "Let it snow" this seemed like the next best thing!

Just some fun new items! A magnet board, lamp and burp cloths! These burp cloths make such cute baby shower gifts! They are functional and so necessary and we have found some really unique fabrics to use!.
Take it from a new mom... the plain old white burp cloths are BORING... and is not exactly the cutest accessory to throw over your shoulder! These add a little style into motherhood...lets just be honest, right after having a baby, we need all the help we can get!

A Favorite...

Chalkboard Paint! Love IT! You can chalkboard anything!
Best of all.. easy to use, easy to clean up, and wAy FuN!
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