Fasion Pix's of the week

Whats can you expect poolside this summer?

Big floppy hats with summer dresses and
fun sassy 50's swimsuits.

And were

We just ordered out first shipment of floppy hats do decorate with all our pepperblossom pepperness! So excited for the release... here is a little tid bit of some summer styles to get started feelin the HeAt! And here in AZ... we feel the heat!
okay recently just rain.. but it will come soon enough!

How cute are these vintage Photos!

Warning !!
Rediculous Picture Ahead!!
Please...Do not Buy a hat the size of Texas and wear it.

Have a wonderful day!

Organized in Style- Mod Podge Project

So simple SO Fast
and so fun to do with kids!

So Here's the Fun Project of late!
I was kinda tidy'ing up my bathroom sinkish area and was feeling so bleh about how I had everything organized. I was using this Plain old plastic drawer thing from Walmart.
So I decided it was time to spice it up!

So grab any old organizer of yours,
some Mod Podge,
your favorite fabric
and go to town!!

And turn this ...

into this..

How To:

  1. Clean all surfaces
  2. trace surface onto wrong side of fabric
  3. cut out all sides (to save fabric I only did the 3 visible sides)
  4. Cut out Handle Covers
  5. mod podge fabric to all surfaces(do a few coats)
  6. Hot Glue any embelishments
  7. Embrace :)
Very Simple. More for inspiration than for direction! So what can you spice up in a room of yours? Go a little crazy!

This is such a fun project to do for a kids bathroom or bedroom!

Custom Works...

Well Hello Everyone!
Hope all is well!
Sorry our posting hasn't been wonderful,
we have been busy with
special occasion orders ,
Yes we are planning an open house
and one that we are extremely excited for...
Our products will be available at a new location in AZ . So if your local this is great for you! And the location is FABULOUS! So check back for more info on that!
I promise... Boutique Heaven!

Here is the flier
(click to enlarge )

Here are some recent custom orders and nic nacs!
Some lovely things. Do enjoy!

Dont forget
V-Day is coming soon! Let the man in your life know which pepperblossom product is on your Wish List!

Wedding Hair Piece

Old Sweater= Chunky Scarf -Guest Blogger

I’ve been seeing all these really cute chunky scarves all over the place, and since I don’t know how to knit,
I cheated and made one out of an old sweater that I had….

Materials and Instructions -
I used the whole back of the sweater and then added on another panel from the sleeves to make it long enough. I wanted it to look very cabin/rough-hewn/handmade-ish and I think I achieved that, maybe a little too much haha. I made the buttons myself from some oak branches, and sanded and stained them lightly, and then drilled 2 holes in each. I hand-stiched around all the edges with some thick cotton string that I thrifted to help with fraying and to give added texture
Happy Stitching


In love... Movie Review

This week there was this day...
Grandma Babysat and dad left to golf and what was mom to do?!

Clean the house?Hmm No...

Go See a movie!
I am totally a fan of Pride and Prejudice, Emma, that style of movie

So I was thrilled to see the beatuful Emily Blunt

performing in such a great film! It about time!
So I took off too...

And I whole Heartedly give it

Great Story, Love, Romance, Laughter,Tension, Independence, just lovely!

You can watch the trailer HERE.

I highly Recommend it!
For some reason it isn't in all theatres and I think That is ridiculous but find a theatre near you and see it... You wont regret it!

Weekend Inspiration!

After another busy week, with exciting new projects beginning, I have been searching for inspiration! When I stumbled across this beautiful home featured on Desire to Inspire blog, I thought it contained so many gorgeous elements that fit pefectly with the a relaxed lifestyle...which is what I seek for so it definitely inspired me!!!
Which brings me to the question..
Will my home ever be clean enough to own a white couch ever again? Man this children Business is no messin around! Hey whats life if you cant make a little mess every once in a while!
Happy weekend everyone!

*-Pepperblossom Decor

Discount for you!

Yay for surprises!!

Due to it being such a happy new year...

Anyone who visits this blog in the next 48 hrs
will recieve a
20% discount

on any purchase from our


but only for

the next 48 hrs.

All you have to do is
1. leave a comment here saying which product you are interested in and we will list a special listing for you
2.(if you have no Etsy account and dont want to make one...)
email us at pepperblossomdecor@gmail.com and we will send you a paypal bill
3. Purchase off of Etsy and enter this Code 2010BASH and we will refund your paypal!

Happy Shopping!

Bottle Cap Creativity

Here is a fun project!

Bottle Cap Frame!
So somple to make and so versitile!

Materials Needed:

*Misc Coordinating Scrapbook paper
*Bottle Caps (enough to fit around frame)
*Mod Podge
*Hot Glue

1. Paint the Frame
2.Cut paper circles to mod podge inside the bottlecaps
3. Once mod podge dry hot glue Bottle Caps to frame

And Whala... your masterpiece!
Here are some more fun ideas with bottlecaps!
What can you create?

Get it Girl!
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