Cart Caddy

Found this great unique tutorial and thought I would share it!
It is from Blue Cricket Design - Love their page... go see what its all about!
The much anticipated Cart Caddy Tutorial is here!!!

**Also... I'd appreciate if you used this pattern and tutorial for personal use only!Please don't mass produce
for resale!!!! Thanks friends!

Let's dive in....

Here is what you'll need...

Two complimentary pieces of Fabric. I used FAT QUARTERS.
Stiff interfacing
Coordinating Double Folded Bias Tape
Pins or stapler

STEP ONE: Measure and cut your fabric and Interfacing 18" x 18"

I found that by stacking them and then cutting them made the process faster and easier. Lay it out just how it will be sewn....a fabric with RIGHT side facing down, then interfacing, then fabric with RIGHT side facing up.

STEP TWO: Now we will be cutting out a section of your 18" square to create the Caddy straps. Using a ruler and pen mark off the following measurements and cut through all three layers creating straps that measure 7" long x 3" wide.

STEP THREE: Use straight pins to secure the three layers together. I prefer using a stapler . It lays flatter and the staples are easy to remove.

STEP FOUR: Adding the bias Tape.

You will first need to sew an 18" strip of Bias tape to the bottom section of the caddy.

STEP FIVE: Fold the bottom section in half leaving about a 1 1/2" gap. This is creating your pocket. be sure to be aware of the fabrics. You will determine what fabric shows most so chose wisely which way you fold. Secure with pins or staples.

STEP SIX: Now it's time to add the Bias Tape around the edges. Start at a top of a strap in it's middle. Pin it on if that will help you keep it straight. Sew it on using a straight stitch. Corners Can be pinned or stapled to help them line up right. The inside corners are tricky. Sew around it completely being sure to fold your tape at the very end so you don't have a raw edge.

STEP SEVEN: Sew a straight stitch line in your pocket making a second section in your pocket. You can determine how big you want each section. Also you may want to add another stitched line to make a pen pocket.

STEP EIGHT: Lastly we will be adding Velcro.

Cut two 1 3/4" strips of Velcro. Separate the pieces and sew them onto the straps. Sew one on the top of the strap and the other at the bottom of the strap where it meets the pocket section.

And that will do it!!!!

Your very own Cart Caddy ready to make your life that much easier!!!!!

As easy as this looks it takes about an hour to sew. The bias tape can be tricky. I must have bough a pack that was ironed weird becasue mine was hard to get it to keep straight.
Just take your time!

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