So Magnanimous...

Haha okay so Magnanimous makes no sense for this post besides describing all the people who will be reading it! I just wanted to use that word mostly!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day!!

P.s. We are still accepting pictures and recipes for your favorites from thanksgiving so be sure and email those to us for our Holiday Recipe Melting Pot to !


Fun to make...

Fun to use...
Oh so Neccesary!!!

There are so many fun and creative ways to use Magnetic things! Here are a few simple ideas for you!

With a couple coats of Magnetic Paint ... or various pieces of metals combined in a frame, or coating an entire fridge in Paint... How fun!!
So here you are.. Go crazy with it!

Okay so this is more a chalk Board Feature... but I just love it!
So Deal! :)

Here you just tape off a square..put a few coats of magnetic paint , then a top coat of your choice!! Easy and Simple... Yet so functional!

For this project, cutting sheet metal would be the easiest... but not everyone wants to buy heavy duty snips...
So I say try and find an old frame at a thrift store or something that still has the glass and paint magnetic paint on the glass then modge podge some fun photos or accessories to liven up the background!
You could do this project seriously within $10 if you snag a great frame at the thriftstore!

I love this one... all my magazine cut-outs and inspiration could be all over my wall but in a trendy and tidy fashion!

Have fun! Let me know how your projects work for you!

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  1. Oh! I don't know about that fridge! I can see where it might be fun for kids...but not for me!

    I haven't quite started my BIG wall project quite yet. I've only gone as far as gathering my supplies and I have decided what kind of design I would like to paint...but actually doing it - yeah...tons on the to do list! It will happen soon though, this week.


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