B is for Beadboard

Beadboard for your home can be expensive as we all know..
but did you know it is actually not that hard to handle yourself?
There are So so many online DIY tutorials for Installing Beadboard!
Take it from somebody who has done it before! If you can find the time to just do one room on a Saturday, and repeat that till the rooms desired are completed... it saves Alot of money and is extremely satisfying!

If covering your walls is not your forte... here are a few more pieces of inspiration for projects with Beadboard.
You can buy it at any Home Depot or Lowes. So fun! Go crazy with it!

Did you know that you can go to walmart and pick up a plain old book shelf, line it in baseboard and beadboard and whala you have a chic classic bookshelf or entertainment center.

Line under a shelf for an added unique look.

Add some metal and paint with chalkboard to make a memo board on beadboard!


  1. The only thing is I need a saw too. What kind of saw do I need to do some of the basics?

  2. All of those look so wonderful!


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