Simple Sassy Wall Decor

You may have seen this before,
Here is a Simple project that is fun, and inexpensive to add some color to a room

Or you could even take your kids to pick out fabrics to make a set for their own room!

Start by shopping around at thrift stores or in your grandma's or mothers craft closet and collect a few different sizes of these hoops.
They should cost from aroun $.10 to $1 a piece!

Or you can just go to your closest fabric or craft store to pick up the hoops and fabric!

Once you have them. Just decide what Coordinating fun fabric combination you would like to put on your wall and start to cut out a litle larger than the circle so you can glue town the excess fabrics. Or just go crazy with it like the picture above! You can go completely modern or totally vintage based on the fabrics you pick to choose wisely!

(For those of you who have never seen hoops before, you just take the two pieces apart, put fabric over smaller hoop and slide larger around the smaller to tighten and hold fabric in place!)

Pick which color you want to paint the rings if you even want to at all. The room I used them for was brown so I thought it would look best brown to tie in!
Then I would suggest spray paint! Its the fastest and easiest!

Now its time to add the finishing touches. Put the fabric in your dried hoops and screw them together tight around fabric then hot glue the excess fabric down to the back of the hoops.(Not to the fabric, to the wood).
**Make sure before you glue that the fabric is pulled down tight!**
Then hang on your wall in a fun combination,

And your done! Now go have some fun and do it!


  1. Really cute! I've been wanting to try this too! I thought it would also be cute to sew on little sayings printed on twill. Thank you!!

  2. ohh loooove it!! seriously, you are too cute for life.


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