End of the Day Crafting

Discovered this adorable shoppe about a month ago and have made a few orders since!

End of the Day crafting
and the name says it ALL!
With lots of Scrapbook inspired products and even pre-made books, there is somehting for everyones style.

My favorite product...

Their Vintage Christmas Tags!

I drool over these... how cute and unique to dress your gifts with!
You must go get some.. there is plenty more to pick from as well!

Christmas time is a most fabulous time of year.. not just for sales but for family time, friend time, and present time and lets not forget the opportunity to get in-touch with our inner Crafter/decorator!!
Dont forget to pamper yourself this Christmas!

Just because its a economical crisis does not mean you have to cut yourself out of the deal!
There are many fabulous things for such reasonable prices! You just gotta do a little shop shoppin around!

Here is a great Sight for some vintage patterns! Try some out! I love that all these styles are comin back in! So cute!

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