DIY Holiday Scenes

First off,
I want to start off by saying what an awesome weekend it has been!
The Sugarplum Boutique was so fun and we met so many fun new people and I have met some fun new faces!
So a big thanks to all who came out to have fun with us! You make it what it is!

I never cease to be amazed when we participate in new shows or host them at the talent that is out there! It is always so inspiring! But we got a few new ideas up our sleeves for some great inexpensive holiday decorations and great holiday GIVEAWAYS! Just you wait to see whats in store!

Today were going to start with a super easy idea!

ANYONE can do this... so simple, and such a small fun unique holiday home embellishment!

Materials Required:
  • Holiday themed Paper
  • White feathers (I just snipped mine from a white feather boa because I liked the shape of them.)
  • Snowflakes
  • Modge Podge/ Foam Brush Applicator
  • Piece of 6x6 wood (found at Walmart or Hobby Lobby
  • Backdrop Paint Color (Here I used Red crackle paint)
Start by painting your background color! (paint accordingly to brand and instructions. if Crackle complete those steps first.)
Then Put a layer Of Modge Podge once paint is dry
and place paper embellishments (like trees)
-wait about 20 min or til dry-
Then put as many coats as desired over the paper and piece of wood

Then With hot Glue apply feathers as desired and any more embellishments such as snowflakes, jewels, or any item that cannot have a finish over them.
and you have created your own easy to pack away, oh so cute and clever, 100% unique to you Christmas decor!
Try for all holidays...
Like Easter, Valetines Day, St. Patties...
Your options are limetless!


  1. Yay! These are fabulous. Great gift idea.

  2. LOVE 'em! Great idea. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  3. This are so pretty. Thanks for the wonderful idea. Love the addition of the feathers.


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