Simple Stocking Project

I had the dilemma on what to do about stockings...

I want eventually all my kids to match, but the problem is that

I dont know how many kids I am going to have yet.

So I don't want to buy any because what if I don't get enough or too many ect...

So I made a simple pattern and now every time I have another little one I can make him or her their own!!

So here is how you do it!


Materials Needed-

  • Tissue Paper
  • marker
  • 1 yard fabric
  • embellishments
  • fabric for toe and heel
  • ribbon
  • 1 sheet Felt

1. Trace a stocking or draw the size you want the stocking onto tissue paper. Then cut it out (This is our forever Patten, so dont throw it away. Label it and put it in a plastic baggie.)

2. Fold fabric to create double layer and cut out one set outside fabric and one set inside.

3. Cut out felt for top lining. The trick to this is really just to cut zig zags across it long ways and the two pieces together make the top lining. Set aside.

4. cut out toe and heel embellishments.

Sewing -

1. First sew the tow and heel on each side of outer fabric's. make sure they match up when the two pieces are combined.

2. then place face to face the two sock pieces together and sew 1/4 inch seam along outside.
(repeat with white inside pieces)

3. Turn sock inside out and inner white right side out and put the black sock into the white sock wrong sides together.

4. cut ribbon for hanging and place in desired space. sew around the top and pull the entire thing through so the black is on the outside.

Your stocking should look like this now...

5. now fold the felt piece over the top to cover the unfinished top. Sew around and cut hole where ribbon is and pull through.

6. once sewn add other embellishments Like....
Iron on letters for the persons name

use your imagination!!

Have fun! Go Wild!

And remember to save your pattern so if you want to make another one... they all coordinate!!

1 comment:

  1. I've run onto the same problem. I want all of us to have matching stockings, but because we don't know when we will say, "this is our last baby", we haven't done so. We have done the simple red and white felt stockings that you can get for a buck. I'll have to drag my hubby out and have him help me pick fabric!


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