Weekend Inspiration!

After another busy week, with exciting new projects beginning, I have been searching for inspiration! When I stumbled across this beautiful home featured on Desire to Inspire blog, I thought it contained so many gorgeous elements that fit pefectly with the a relaxed lifestyle...which is what I seek for so it definitely inspired me!!!
Which brings me to the question..
Will my home ever be clean enough to own a white couch ever again? Man this children Business is no messin around! Hey whats life if you cant make a little mess every once in a while!
Happy weekend everyone!

*-Pepperblossom Decor


  1. How I would love to own a white couch!!! Three kids later...18, 13 and 6...it will never happen. By the time my 6 year old is old enough to know better, I will probably have grandchildren!! LOL

    Love your blog! Kathy :)


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