Hot Cocoa Bliss

When I married my husband... I learned a great Secret...

My Father'n Law made this delectible treat in the winter that I fall in love with over and over again every winter season! Hot Cocoa Like I had never had before!!

You usually either are not so into it or LOVE it and will never go back! CMC
aka Canned Milk Cocoa
2 Cans - evaporated milk
4 C- water
1 C - Sugar
1T - unsweetened cocoa powder

*Mix Powders in a bowl together
*Mix liquids in Sauce Pan

**Combine powder with liquid and let simmer a few min. then serve with a dollop of Whipped Cream or Marshmallows.**

And Enjoy! Its so yummy!!
(Also fabulous with red hots)
Hope you love it... and if you dont.. Your Crazy!

Oh and here's another fun thing...

Speaking of Hot chocolate...
This brand is called Hot Chocolate. And even though it is in spanish... I love these shoes and may just have to order some! So cute huh!! Love>

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope You all had great Holidays!
Whats your Resolution?

And last but not least... I have to show you our sweet new little Hot Cocoa!!

She is 8 weeks old and Chocolate Lab and such a cute little Chunk
but we need a name!!!
I Loved Lexi - But we call our son Maxi.. so that was confusing.

So we need to decide. Which do you like?

* Coco Chanel
*Sadie Lady

I would love any other Ideas as well! Let me know!
So go have some hot Chocolate and ponder it! I am going to! Until next time...

- Pepperblossom


  1. This post made me want to dig through the pantry to make a warm, yummy drink! I love the designs on your blog :-) cheers!

  2. I want to make some of that cocoa!

    I like Sadie Lady btw!

  3. Sadie Lady for sure!!!!!

    Imma gonna need to try this hot cocoa recipe ASAP!!

  4. I definitely like Coco Chanel!!! - Amanda, your fave cousin! =)


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