Awesome Give-away!!!

You're going to LOVE this!!!!!


I'm speechless. I can't even believe that there is something this large being given away. 
For free.
You're all going to love this. Oh, how I wish I could enter.

(I need to let every last friend and family member know about this.......and somehow brainwash them into thinking that they should give it to me if they win. Hahaha... :))

Good grief.....I could put this to some good use.

Do you see what this is? It's a Workbox from The Original Scrapbox. Do you have crafting clutter everywhere? (I admit.....I do. And it makes me crazy.) This amazing workbox organizes your supplies, hides it all for you, and then rolls away on wheels if you need it to. This workbox is valued at $1295.00 but you have a chance to win one for free. Wow. I'm speechless. (And you get to pick your own color and style. Eeeee!) Just go to  Make it and Love It to find out how to enter to win!!! Who would pass this up! Plus there are give-a-aways for even more!!

Go Now!

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