Buffalo Exchange for Kiddies...

So the other day we were runnin some errands to pick up some supplies for the next event and we came across a cute store that looked like a baby boutique, Immediately we were sucked in(because we are defiantly suckers for tiny things!) By wandering we discovered out that this place was a 2nd hand store! Couldn't  believe it! 
This place is so cute with such a variety of Boy Girl, Infant - Toddler, and maternity! Oh but that's not all... they have waggons rockers you name it!

Looking to buy or sell some of your lightly used baby clothes? Butterflies and Bullfrogs is where you need to go! I know ill be taking a box or two over for some exchanging.  

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  1. Hi! Where is this store located. I'm always looking for cute clothes for my lil girl that aren't super expensive!


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