Some newbies that we love!

Bottle cap necklaces... so cute!

Some fun ways to display, you can put cards over the shutter or tuck pictures in between, Or better yet just hang it on the wall! Any of these are so cute on the wall...shutter, magnet board, or cute red shelf... you cant go wrong!

It is crazy but Christmas will be coming before you know it! So we are starting to pull out some holiday items! When you live in central Arizona... Its seems all we can do is "Think Snow", aside from the usual "Let it snow" this seemed like the next best thing!

Just some fun new items! A magnet board, lamp and burp cloths! These burp cloths make such cute baby shower gifts! They are functional and so necessary and we have found some really unique fabrics to use!.
Take it from a new mom... the plain old white burp cloths are BORING... and is not exactly the cutest accessory to throw over your shoulder! These add a little style into motherhood...lets just be honest, right after having a baby, we need all the help we can get!

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  1. OHH my gosh i am oh-so-obsessed with that blue/red magnet board. PROBABLY my two favorite colors. gah. i need to hang that in my kitchen. DIVINE!


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